WP-1104 - 1,127 Piece Delphi Weather Pack 1-6 Way Sealed Electrical Connector Kit

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  • T-18
  • 12014254
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Our most popular kit.

  • The WP-1104 is our best selling electrical connector kit.
  • It contains 1,127 individual pieces.
  • The kit includes enough 1-6 way connectors to build 38 connector assemblies for a total of 109 individual connections.
  • It comes with 20-12 AWG terminals and seals.
  • Our removal tools are manufactured by the same company that manufactures them for Delphi (now Aptiv)! 1 removal tool comes standard with each kit.
  • Need a crimp tool? Most customers choose to add a non-ratcheting T-18 crimp tool to their kit.
  • Don't worry about carrying crimp tools around. The T-18 and 12014254 tools will fit inside the kit!
  • Need a refill? Each component in this kit is available separately in our online store.

Check out our new and improved carrying case!

  • Larger size means more space and easier access for your connectors.
  • Flat lid tops. No more crumpled labels!
  • A flush carrying handle means more space inside for parts.
  • Sturdy kit travels well for field repairs.
  • We provide extra dividers that you can use to customize your kit.

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Aptiv (Delphi)
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