About Us

Our History

CustomConnectorKits is an e-commerce company with a storied evolution. Our parent company, Avila Electronics, Inc. was created in 1978 by founder Joseph P. Henschel. Originally named ZZYZX Co., we specialized in the distribution of high-end board level computer components. By the 1990’s, our focus had shifted heavily towards aerospace and airline industry computer components. Our name was changed to Avila Electronics in 2000, and we began expanding our product line to include automotive electrical connector components shortly after that. Avila Electronics was incorporated in 2012.

That same year, CustomConnectorKits was created to achieve two new goals. The first goal was the design and assembly of electrical component kits. The second was to establish and grow an online presence. Our products were first available on eBay and Amazon, and are now available through our own e-commerce website, CustomConnectorKits.com.

About Us

CustomConnectorKits is headquartered in Grover Beach, California. We cater to both business buyers and end users. We currently specialize in Delphi (Aptiv) and Deutsch (TE) connectors - Weather Pack, Metri-Pack, 56 Series, DT, DTM, DTP, HD series, etc. Since our online debut we have expanded our kits to include ECM/PCM computer connectors, sensors, relays, terminal crimping tools and more.

Our offices are open 9am-5pm PST, Monday to Friday. We offer international shipping options.