Weather Pack

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Protect your circuits against the elements with Weather Pack connectors!

Created by Packard in the 1970's, the Weather Pack series of connectors are resistant to moisture, dust, high heat, oils, dirt, etc. making them ideal for use in automobiles and motorcycles, boats and marine applications, tractors and lawnmowers, irrigation, outdoor lighting, and more! They offer a quick way to connect/disconnect electrical splices that must be guarded against contamination. The Weather Pack line of connectors offers 7 types of connector configurations ranging from 1 to 6 cavities. There is also a 22 way bulkhead style connector option too. Weather Pack terminals can crimp with 22-12 AWG wire. Each connection utilizes two types of silicone seals - one on the inside of the connector, and one that is crimped onto the wire's insulation. Each circuit can carry up to 20 amps and is individually sealed to prevent shorting. The TPA are built into the connector bodies.

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