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This Automatic Self-adjusting Insulation Multi-Stripper is adeptly designed for a variety of cables, including fine, flexible, and solid types, ensuring a versatile application.

It operates with quick precision and is equipped with a built-in wire cutter, enhancing its functionality.
The tool boasts an adjustable length stop, ensuring precision work and optimal accuracy.
The stripping length can be adjusted up to 11/16" or 18 mm, catering to a stripping capacity ranging from 28 - 6 AWG or 0.08 - 16 SQ-MM.

In case of wear and tear, the blade cassette is easily replaceable, ensuring the longevity of the tool.
The smooth operating mechanism, combined with an ergonomic design, features a soft compound zone in the handle area, providing a secure and comfortable grip.
Additionally, the tool includes a tether attachment point, enhancing its safety and convenience during use.

· Self-adjusting to cross-sections ranging from 0.08 mm² to 16 mm² without blade change
· Ergonomic design, comfortable grip distance (65 mm) and low weight
· Blade block can be replaced by hand – no other tools needed
· Low manual effort required, even at maximum capacity setting
· Non-destructive stripping with adjustable cut penetration depth
· Multi-functional, with integrated cable snips (0.08 mm² to 16 mm²)
· Rugged, glass fibre-reinforced housing with two-component grip and eyelet for fall protection
· Stripping length using length stop (metric and imperial) can be adjusted precisely

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