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FP-ATO-S06 - GEP PP ATO/ATC Fuse Panel for 6 Fuses

Surface mount panel readily accepts ATO/ATC blade fuses. "Wire ready" screw and pressure plate design provides optimal wire retention. Can be expanded in increments of 3 fuses.
RoHS compliant.


  • 30A max per circuit
  • Recommended wire size – up to 10 gauge
  • Termination torque – 14 in lbs.


  • Housing: Thermoplastic
  • Screw and pressure plate: Nickel Plated Steel
  • Terminals: Nickel Plated 110 Copper
  • Mounting Rail: Aluminum


ATO/ATC Blade Type Fuse Panels are the most commonly used panels in vehicle applications. These fuses protect an electrical circuit and equipment from high current loads, making the circuit safe for operation.

GEP’s compact, surface mounted fuse panel, or fuse block, accepts standard ATO/ATC blade fuses.
The “wire ready” screw and pressure plate design was selected for optimum wire retention and easy access to fuse replacement.
The FP-ATO service is ideal for use in auxiliary power distribution applications.

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